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Taylor Swift Talks About Bullying at School

We all want to feel excepted, respected, and part of a group.

When the opposite happens it becomes very hard to bear, especially as child. 

A child that's going through bullying at school, experience a lot of anxiety. He doesn’t know if other kids will speak with him or hang out with him between classes, and he knows that he will probably be the one others will laugh about.

This anxiety has an impact on the child’s mental heal due to the overuse of fight or flight response. The child’s mind is trying to prepare himself for any scenario that may occur.

Many people suffered from bullying at school, one of them is the megastar Taylor swift. “They didn’t think I was cool or pretty enough, so they stopped talking to me… The kids at school thought it was weird that I liked country [music],” she says. “They’d make fun of me.” She added.  In her song "The Best Day" Taylor Swift reflected her anxiety by writing the lyrics: "I don't know who I'm gonna talk to now at school".

How do you know if your child is being bullied at school?

If your child doesn’t tell you, it can be difficult to figure out if it's happening. But there are warning signs: If your child is acting differently, seeming anxious, not eating or sleeping well, seem moodier or start to avoid certain situations - it might be because of a bully.

How can you help?

  • Listen - Your kids may or may not want to talk, but be persistent. Stay curious. Ask questions. Although it may be tempting to give them advice or suggestions, focus on listening to them more than you speak.

  • Let someone at school know about the situation.

  • Remind your child his strengths and his uniqueness, help him built up his confidence and understand his worth.

  • Your child is not alone - bullting has happened and still happening to a lot of children. Your child needs to know that’s it’s not only happening to him or her.

  • Ask for professional help.

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