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When it Comes to Taking a Stand, Buzolic Chooses Objectivity Over Trends

Trends, we see many of them in fashion, music, movies, and of course – social media. People like to be part of a group, a movement, and feel accepted. People want to feel special, and yet at the same time, they want to affiliate and belong. we observe social learning and social imitation on social media constantly. Just open TikTok and you’ll see thousands of people all over the world dancing in the same way to the same song.

The power of social media is enormous and so is the power of Fake-News. Today, a false message can be shared between millions of people within a matter of seconds. The same concept goes for misleading information by media channels.

In human history, we have experienced and witnessed many disasters, wars, and conflicts. In fact, there are several happening right now. One of these conflicts, is taking place in a country so small that it is hardy distinguishable on most maps, and is tiny like a piece of sand. Yet again Israel is on the defensive after being attacked not just by Hamas, but also the world's media.

Major news outlets and those with strong followings on various social media platforms are conveniently creating an anti-Israel narrative by leaving out factual information in this current the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, intentionally misleading the public.

For example, let’s discuss Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization that is responsible for constantly attacking Israel and wishing for its destruction. Hamas are the ones who actually started this current conflict by firing rockets into Israel. Fun fact, did you know that Israel did not start any of its wars? It’s true. However, it has and will continue to defend its citizens from acts of aggression and terrorism. This however, you most likely wouldn't hear on any major news networks or social media platforms.

Many social media influencers such as Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Dua Lipa, and the Weekend are determined to damage Israel's reputation. The current conflict is now a hash tag #. It’s trendy to lambast Israel. With the slogan as nice and catchy as: "Israel is against human rights," who could resist liking that clickbait.

Today, if a Hollywood actor chooses to defend or affiliate with Israel, they risk severe backlash and their career. Despite that risk, there is one brave actor / activist, who isn't afraid of his pro-Israeli stance as he bravely discusses his viewpoints regarding the current conflict. He does not surrender to hive mind, or what’s trending in certain circles, Vampire Diaries star Nathaniel Buzolic deeply reflects on his personal experiences in his following responses.

"The first time I went to Israel was in 2017. I had just come back from Iraq which I went to by the end of 2016 because of the atrocities that ISIS was putting the people under. The Civil War that was following Soria, so I was just urged to go and do something more, and that's my personality… I care about people. I have a genuine heart for the truth." Buzolic said he grew up listening to the narrative that presented Israel as the enemy.

"I grew up in a very Christian/ Muslim area and I was told that Israel is always the enemy, inflicting oppression on the Palestinian people. I grew up in the Arab culture, and as a kid, I celebrated Ramadan with my neighbors. So I have a very good understanding of Islam and Arab culture. Most of my friends were Lebanese and I saw the narrative been told to them. When I went to Israel, I was very skeptical, but when I went there and I saw it for myself, I realized that what the world has been told was a lie." Buzolic explained.

When asked what is his opinion regarding the Hollywood trend to post against Israel and Pro- Palestine, Buzolic explained that most celebrities are desperate for approval. "If you want to please the masses, make sure that you'll grew on social media, and keep getting approval from all these fans, you are going to pick the Palestinian people. They are backed by the Islamic world and the Arab world, so you are talking billions of people supporting you, why would you support the Jews? They are only 14 million people. Celebrities like to look good and caring. Bella Hadid is posting so much about the Palestinians and about setting them free; you are rich enough to jump on a private plane- I encourage you so spend a week with Hamas and see how supportive you are." Buzolic added.

In Gaza, human right pretty much doesn’t exist if you are a woman. Even though women make up 50% of the population in Gaza, their influence in most fields is limited, and their basic rights are often systematically denied. The role of women in a Hamas-dominated society was laid out in its 1988 charter, which states that Muslim women are important in that they "manufacture men and play a great role in guiding and educating the [new] generation." While women have achieved some limited accomplishments since Hamas came to power, gender discrimination has intensified overall. Women in Gaza can't even drive without a male supervisor.

"Posting something does nothing [to really make a difference], if you really care, go there!" said Buzolic in a response to Bella Hadid's pro- Palestinian actions on social media. "Social media is so dangerous now because we can create and spread lies so easily. We are getting now information from memes." The vampire diaries star added. He then continued, stating “The reason why I'm so focused on this now is because we know where it leads [anti-Semitism and violence]. What I want to tell to the celebrities who just want to put on their Instagram accounts "Free-Palestine", is that they don't realize what they are doing is actually encouraging and fueling the radicals to push more. They are giving the keys to people who already hate the Jews to push further." Buzolic said.

Buzolic clarified "I'm not against Palestinians. I don't support the idea of removing Palestinians from Israel. I am against Hamas the terror organization."

It is important to clarify that Hamas is a terrorist organization, that has been shooting rockets at Israel almost daily for years. Isn’t it curious how we hear nothing about it in the media mainly, because Israel reacts in a minor way or does not respond at all 90% of the time.

Now, when Israel does react intensely, it’s after numerous bombardments by Hamas. Why isn’t this provocation covered? Why do media channels worldwide cover the events in such a biased way? This is the same terror organization that supported the terrorist attacks during 9/11, that used their own people purposefully as human shields in battle to garner international sympathy, that claim the only good Jew is a dead Jew, and the same terrorist organization that relegates women as second class citizens.



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