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How to Visualize the Future You Desire-The Story of the Hits Singer-Songwriter Mabel

In life, we will always have future goals, dreams, and ambitions we wish to achieve. It can be related to anything in our personal life or our career. There are times when people become the biggest enemies of themselves, by using the most powerful weapon of all - their Minds. Through the story of Mabel, you will learn how to use your mind to benefit you instead of harming you.

Mabel Alabama-Pearl McVey, is a Spanish born British Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter, who wrote her Hit-Song "Don't Call Me Up" after going through a breakup. At that time, she felt unsatisfied with the place she found herself in, so she decided to write a song about the future she visualized for herself. "I wanted to be in a place where I didn't care anymore so I wrote the song thinking I want to be in that place" Mabel said.

The award-winning star gave herself back a sense of power and control over her life by knowing what she wanted, visualizing it in her mind, writing about it, singing the words back to herself, and going through the process of making it happen. "I did care at the time but the song helped me get over it, writing it and listening to it, that process helped me become that person".

There were times in her past when it was trickier for Mabel to listen to her voice within “there was a long time that I've been trying to please everyone around me, and I didn't have the right team, there was a lot of pressure on me". Due to the amount of pressure and not being fully connected to herself, Mabel had a physical impact and she was throwing up before shows. ”I would sometimes throw up before I went on stage. I was so conscious of like, what does everybody think - I'm I letting them down? am I what they expect me to be? am I wearing the right thing? am I saying the right thing?" Mabel said.

Mabel understood that while she was thinking about what everyone else around her expected her to do, and by becoming what others wanted her to be, she wasn’t truly being herself. She then took the time to figure out what she wants, and who she wants to become. So she turned to the only person in the world who has the answers - Herself.

By focusing on her inner voice and professional vision, Mabel started to feel comfortable within herself, the physical impact was gone, and the result didn't late to show up. “I know what I want, I feel like I know how I'm going to get there, and I'm not gonna stop until I'm there” Mabel said. Mabel's music empowers many people across the world, and her story is a phenomenal example of how our brains work, and what tools we all have to make our dreams become a reality.

3 Tips for Visualizing the Future You Desire

  • Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure- if you won't truly believe in yourself and in your abilities to make your goals and dreams come true, you will be the one who is failing you. Remember- you are the only one who lives inside your mind, make sure you are making yourself STRONGER.

  • Use the Power of Your Mind- by visualizing your desired result and imagining yourself succeeding, you are making a change between the connections of your brain's nerve cells – by doing so you will increase the chance to make your dreams into reality.

  • Make Your Desirable Goal Real – imagine your desirable goal in detail in your mind. Think about how it will happen, what do you see around you? what do you hear? what do you smell? what is the feeling that is running through your body at that moment?

Mable is an inspirational example of how strong the power of your mind is, and how you can pave your way to success. Visualize it, believe in it, and it will happen.


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