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How to Get Your Creativity to Shine – The Story of Kamille the Number 1 Hit Singer-Songwriter

Creativity is one of the most desirable traits, it's an act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is related to openness to experience, curiosity, and being open-minded. Creativity plays an important role in problem-solving skills.

Camille Angelina Purcell, known professionally as Kamille, is the mind behind an impressive list of number 1 hit songs. She wrote for Little Mix, Mabel, Rita Ora and the list goes on and on. Kamille is an award-winning songwriter, singer and producer.

Kamille wasn't always in the music industry, she has a background in finance and worked as a stockbroker, but hated it. She kept dreaming about music and started taking steps towards her dream, she was hanging around studios, contacting artists online, following inspirational people and, looking for an opportunity. When she was 22 years old, it finally happened "one studio I was hanging around, I ended up writing a song and it went to number 1! It was for "The Saturdays" Kamille said on The Break Platform podcast.

Those strategies Kamille used to make her dream happen are a great example for creativity and problem-solving. Kamille wasn't going to set around and hope that the opportunity would come to her, she took active steps to make her dreams come true.

Kamille’s talent for music and songwriting didn't happen overnight, she taught herself how to play piano and guitar using YouTube, her father had a night club called Illusions "when the club was empty or in the day time I would go there and sing on the mic" Kamille said. As a child Kamille used to play rap battlers with her sister "my sister would make me rhyme in time". On those moments in her life, that may seem small at the time, Kamille was leading herself towards her passion for music and writing.

The way to success wasn't easy for Kamille, she faced rejection and not once she faced people with different beliefs then hers. It takes hard work, faith and patience. Kamille is a creative business woman "I've set up my record label now, set up my publishing company now so I can sign writers, artists and producers and I'm so excited" Kamille said on The Break Platform podcast. Kamille keeps moving forward towards professional and personal goals, and on Friday 17th, 2020 her new single "Somebody" is coming out.

4 Tips to Get Your Creativity to Shine:

  • Imagine Manifest–  studies show that imagining an idea, action, strategy a solution creates new connections in the brain, and increase creativity. In order to imagine something new, your brain has to create new connections.

  • Be open and willing to try new experiences – creativity found to be connected to openness to experience trait.

  • Let the sunshine in- research shows that spending time in natural settings can boost creativity.

  • Be happy- research shows that sadness inhibits new ideas. This may be because when people are sad, they are afraid of making mistakes and exercise more restraint.


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