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Follow Your Passion – The Story of Kayleigh Ariens the Little Mix Fan Who Made Their Official Lyric

When Kayleigh Ariens woke up that morning, she had her schedule prepared, little did she know that soon she'll be approached with an offer that will change everything. Even in her wildest dreams she never believed her four idols from the girl group, Little Mix, would offer her to make their new lyric video for their song "Break Up Song" and it happened.

Kayleigh Ariens is a 24 years old video editor who combined her passion for creation, creativity, watching her ideas as they come to life and, her love for the biggest girl group in the world into her work. Kayleigh opened her Instagram account on February 2016, since then she posted 355 posts of her editing work and has over 24K followers.

Kayleigh Ariens allowed herself to follow her passion and creative vision without knowing what could come out of it, she believed in developing her skills and doing something that she loved, something that she finds challenging, fulfilling, fun and she is passionate about.

Many people think of passion as a complicated mystery that they need to solve to achieve, their goals, dreams, and happiness. Some of them will go backpacking looking for it, others will switch many jobs as they look for their dream job and, some will make a long exhausting list to try to find it. Passion is not something that will be found elsewhere, passion is something that is inside you, it's the feeling, the energy you bring to what you do. Following your passion means doing something that makes you feel excited and energetic.

If you don't have this one talent or hobby or skill that you feel like you're amazingly great at – that's ok, you are NOT ALONE. Many people are searching for their passion the same way as they search for their special partner that they want to know is "the one". That is why many feel confused toward finding their passion, nothing really matches this idea they have in their mind.

Passion and success are all about YOU and who you are - your characteristics, motivation, energy, the feeling that drives you, the skills you want to develop, and what it means to you. When you are more passionate about something, you will be willing to put more effort into doing it, you will be more excited and energetic while doing so.

When Kayleigh started making videos for her Instagram account she didn’t do it because she got paid, she did it because she liked it and, because her passion drove her into it. Kayleigh was driven by her love and appreciation for Little Mix and the values they represent.

4 Tips for Following Your Passion:

  • Think About What Makes You More Energetic – it's about the feeling in your body, think about the situations you are more excited about.

  • Do Stuff that Energizes You – it can be a workout, going out with friends, thinking about a new idea, listening to your favorite song in your car or, reading a book.

  • Passion is Bringing Positive Energy into What You Do

  • Find a Hobby That You Enjoy - according to researches people who engage in hobbies enjoy better moods, feel more interested, and have less stress and lower heart rates—even hours after the recreation time.


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