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Cleyton Rodrigues Opens Up About the Power of Music and Violino De Alegria Project

Music has the power to connect people from all over the world, people who speak different languages, believe in different religions and, work in different professions can share a strong connection over a single melody.

Music can make us nostalgic, a song can make us reminisce over a childhood memory or that vacation we heard it at. Music has a healing power that can connect us to our inner self, help us to better understand our emotions and feelings. It can ignite every emotion out of us, help us get over difficult times in our lives, and express joy.

Cleyton Rodrigues is a talented Brazilian performer, musician and, entrepreneur that's well known for his unique sound. Cleyton established the Violive Project, which combines a unique mix of electronic music and electronic violin combine in a live performance. Cleyton performed in over 15 countries and collaborate with many DJs and, famous artists like Gilberto Gil, Elba Ramalho, Oswaldo Montenegro and, Renato Borghetti.

"I started playing violin by watching my father when I was a young child, I didn’t know how to read music notes back then, but I could create the sound by watching my dad. Music is my life and passion, it is everything to me." Cleyton said over our Zoom interview.

Cleyton thinks of music as a gift from God, a gift that has a curing power to heal the soul. Cleyton founded a nonprofit social project 15 years ago called "Violino De Alegria" which means "Violin of Joy", in this project Cleyton and other artists perform and play music for people who are battling with illnesses to give them power and hope for life.

"I started this project to spread love, music has a magical effect on the heart and soul. Music has the power that can't be bought with money, it's about the feeling the energy. God bless me with the gift of music and I want to spread it to help others and bring joy and kindness to the world." Cleyton said

Besides playing violin Cleyton has many other talents. He plays piano, guitar, ukulele and, he is a painter who makes beautiful art pieces. He combines his love for painting with his fashion style by creating jackets with special designs that he paints. Rodrigues's creativity didn't stop at music and art, he established a business inspired by his own style. Rodrigues is the founder of Pluguin Store that offers a variety of hats and sunglasses with designs that he wears himself.

"I have sensitive eyes so I am walking around with sunglasses and hats. After shows and before shows I noticed that a lot of people came to me and asked me where I get my sunglasses and hats from. I like different styles and designs and I opened my store online (on Instagram) 4 years ago." Cleyton said

Being an artist and a musician isn't easy and it can be scary. Out of six siblings, Cleyton is the only one who followed his father's passion for music. There were many difficulties in the way, many struggles. It was hard to build a reputation, there wasn't always a demand in brazil for the styles of music Cleyton plays, and that only pushed him towards new collaborations with artists around the world, Cleyton is the first Brazilian musician to play violin with DJs.

Cleyton's advice for people who want to succeed is to, first of all have faith, believe in yourself, your abilities and, know in your heart you can make it. "many told me not to be a musician but I knew that I can do that. I worked for it, I never stop studying and developing, I went to music school when I was younger and kept learning different styles. If you tell yourself you can’t do it, you will never have a chance. Many people told me that I'm crazy, but I knew in my heart the truth- I believed I can make it- and it happened."


Cleyton Rodrigues and Coral Mastey Zoom Interview

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